Succession and Estate Planning

Our team of advisors can create an effective succession plan to ensure the best results for both you and your next generation.

What is succession planning?

Succession planning is about having a strategy and process for managing significant changes that will occur when the founder or key personnel leave the business or there is a change of ownership or structure. This includes facing the challenges that come with business growth so that business can continue its own success.

For a business, working without a succession plan can lead to disruption, uncertainty and conflict, placing future competitiveness and wealth at risk. For family-owned companies and personal wealth, the issue of succession also introduces deeply personal issues and family dynamics. Getting it right can be a complex process.

That’s why when it comes to effective succession planning, an early start can often be the key to success.

It’s perfectly natural to need support to get started. Which is why Deloitte Private’s proven experience and approach to succession planning has supported some of Australia’s wealthiest families and individuals to plan for their future.


Our work with you on succession planning

We work in partnership with you to strengthen your legacy as it passes from one generation to the next by:

  • Provide a roadmap -We can help to determine if the goals for transition are realistic, no matter if you want to sell off your business for a lump sum for retirement or step down by merging with others for retirement, we always have a plan for you.
  • Budget for accountability – Business owners are used to investing their money in the business—not readily accessible—so when they exist from the business, they possess more liquid cash than usual. As part of the succession planning, it is critical to have an accurate budget to stay accountable.
  • Address specific family need – Part of succession planning is anticipating how transition affects family finances in both short-term and long-term ways. By having a plan, we ensure family needs are considered after transition.

Succession planning needs to be carefully tailored to every situation – whilst the principles are similar, personalities and circumstances vary greatly.

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