Accounting for Medical Professionals

BOA & Co.’s medical accounting services are tailored for small to medium sized medical businesses. Our clients include GPs, specialists, dentists, consultants, and other healthcare providers.

As Australia’s leading medical accounting provider, we know the challenges faced by medical professionals. Drawing on years of industry experience, we deliver a range of services including:

  • Performance improvement
  • Business and tax advisory
  • Financial structuring and management
  • Cost optimisation and procurement
  • Real estate advisory
  • Administration
  • Payroll

Why you need professional medical accounting service?

You know that accounting and tax issues are important to make the most of professional medical services, but in your busy day and the reality of doing business, these issues tend to receive less attention in the end.

We are very aware of the fact that most doctors do not particularly like accounting, tax preparation, and all related bookkeeping management. This is the unfortunate consequence of “doing business as an expert”. We will fulfill your compliance obligations, so you can focus on your medical business and business.

Of course, we need to do more than that, but compliance is the beginning. The next step is to plan to see where you can improve your situation or view the structure to ensure that it provides you with the most benefits. Sometimes small but critical changes can produce greatly improved returns.

BOA&Co. has more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare field, helping medical practices and medical service companies develop by providing basic financial, administrative, marketing, and consulting services. The principals and professionals of BOA&Co. have extensive experience and can directly manage medical practices and professionals and provide support and consulting services for them. The company has provided management, finance, administration, billing and collection, and marketing services for large and small medical institutions and other medical enterprises. In these roles, BOA&Co. professionals perform and/or direct the following services:

  • Practice management
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Consultation service
  • Other services

Just as we don’t trust anyone other than an expert to perform a heart transplant, why trust someone other than an expert to meet your accounting and tax planning needs? Let our dedicated team of doctors take care of your tax and accounting needs.

Cost Effective

Avoid costs and time spent on accountants. Outsource your accountant arrangements allow you to focus more on senior tasks and achieving business objectives.

Tax Compliance

Ensure to fulfil all tax obligations as specified by the law all the time. Professional bookkeeping services helps you to submit tax returns and pay taxes within the stipulated period, etc.

Timely Reports

Informing your stakeholders with timely reports on time to assist them on decision making process. Timely report also improves financial management of the business

Accuracy and Peace of Mind

Professional bookkeeping service allows you to have time to work on bigger opportunities and bring in more profits rather than deal with dull and boring numbers.

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