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Our chartered accounting professionals offer a complete tax planning & advisory service package meeting all legal compliance requirements.

our tax planning & advisory services

Our chartered accounting professionals offer a complete tax planning & advisory service package meeting all legal compliance requirements. We ensure that all our clients’ tax returns and statutory documents are accurately prepared and submitted on time. We keep our clients fully informed of their financial results and all their compliance requirements.

Income Tax Returns

No matter whether your business operates under a sole trader, partnership, company, or trust structure, our team can help you to prepare everything you need for your income tax return. Tax reporting requirements and due dates vary depending on your business structure, but you can rest assured that our experts will ensure you meet the compliance requirements for your business. That will allow you to concentrate on growing your business.

We’ll make sure that we claim all of the tax-deductible expenses and tax offsets that your business is entitled to so that you don’t pay any more tax than you need to. It’s important to understand that tax minimization is legal and a smart business strategy, tax avoidance is not (and carries heavy penalties). There are also penalties for not lodging your income tax return on time.



Our team can help you with reporting and paying the goods and service tax (GST) by preparing and lodging your business activity statement (BAS) to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Whether you need to report and pay GST monthly, quarterly, annually (or at all) depends on the turnover of your business. If your business turns over more than $75,000 a year, you must be registered for GST with the ATO. Failure to lodge your BAS and pay any GST amounts owing on time can lead to heavy penalties.

If your annual business turnover is less than $10 million, we can also help you to account for the GST on a cash basis. This allows you to claim your GST credits in the same tax period in which your sales and purchases are made, helping your cash flow.



If your business makes a capital gain on the sale of assets during the financial year, you’ll be liable for capital gains tax (CGT). Our team can advise you on ways to eliminate, minimize or delay your CGT obligation, including taking advantage of concessions like the CGT 15-year exemption, the CGT 50% active asset reduction, the CGT retirement exemption, and the CGT rollover.

Don’t pay any more CGT than you need to. Talk to our team of experts if you’re thinking of selling an asset to come up with a tax-effective disposal strategy. We’ll also make sure you maximize the cost base of your asset to reduce your CGT obligation.

International Tax

International tax affairs are complex and vary from country to country. If your business operates internationally, it’s crucial to seek professional advice to arrange your business finances as tax-effectively as possible. It’s also important to ensure that you comply with all your tax obligations in all legal jurisdictions in which you operate. All countries have heavy penalties for tax avoidance.

Ignorance of international taxation laws is no excuse. Let our team of chartered accounting experts ensure your tax compliance in all your international markets, so you can concentrate on growing your business instead. We’ll provide you with all the advice you need.


FBT and Payroll Tax

If your business has fringe benefits tax (FBT) and payroll tax obligations, it’s important to have efficient systems in place to make reporting and payment as seamless as possible. We can help you with FBT reporting and payment by preparing and lodging your business activity statement (BAS) or implementing automated accounting software to help you do this task yourself.

Payroll tax rates and compliance obligations vary by State and Territory in Australia. Our expert team is across all the latest payroll tax rates and compliance requirements, no matter where your business is based. We can also help you prepare your installment activity statement (IAS) to help you with your pay-as-you-go (PAYG) tax obligations on behalf of your employees.


Land Tax

Land tax rates and compliance requirements vary by State and Territory in Australia. Land tax is levied on freehold land. If your business owns freehold land, key factors that will affect your land tax rates include how you’re using your land, its value, and your business structure. Our expert team is across all the latest land tax rates and compliance requirements across Australia.

We’ll make sure you pay the correct amount of tax for your land-based on your individual business circumstances. We’ll also ensure that you claim any exemptions or concessions that you may be entitled to.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning helps you to ensure that your business doesn’t pay any more tax than you need to. It also helps to ensure that you budget effectively for your tax obligations, so you can make your tax payments on time. Those payments could include goods and service tax (GST) payroll tax, company tax, pay as you go (PAYG) income tax on behalf of your staff, capital gains tax (CGT), fringe benefits tax (FBT), and stamp duty.

Our team will help you to minimize your tax obligations through maximizing your tax-deductible business expenses, tax offsets (rebates), and concessions, as well as providing you with advice on tax-effective investment and operational strategies.


ATO Disputes

Resolving disputes with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can be time-consuming, stressful, and potentially expensive, especially if you don’t have the financial records or expertise within your business to fight the battle yourself. Our team of experts can liaise and negotiate with the ATO on your behalf. We’re very familiar with ATO dispute resolution processes and strategies.

We’ll ensure you get the best possible outcome with a minimum of fuss. Our service includes making sure that you don’t pay any more tax than you need to, as well as helping you to avoid or minimize any ATO penalties or costly litigation.

Our Personal Tax Return Services

Our qualified chartered tax accountants can answer your tax-related questions and investigate all possible tax deductions so that you can maximise your personal tax return.

They will discuss with you about your occupation and expenses to help you claim all ATO allowed deductibles such as travel expenses, uniforms, equipment, home office expenses, education, and many commonly overlooked deductions.

Personal Tax Return Made Easy

Time Saving

Don’t spend time going through the hassle of filing your tax return. Let us take care of the work and eliminate the stress so you can enjoy the tax claims you are entitled to.

Maximise Tax Refund

With proven strategies, our certified accountants can correctly identify all tax deductions so you can claim the most out of your tax refund.

No Hidden Fees

We are transparent and upfront about our fees and processes so there will be zero surprises billings about the lodgement of your tax return.

Fast Tax Return

Our processes is streamlined so your application can be lodged within 24 hours. You can expect your tax refund within days.

Property Investment Tax Return

property invest
Property Investment Tax Changes

With recent depreciation changes, residential investors might not be entitled to claim various types of property deductions. This makes lodging your property investment tax returns even more complicated. If you have property investments, there are many hoops and hurdles you need to jump through. You need to consider both the proportion of ownership interest and market rates. Additionally, you also need to deduct the interest paid on your purchasing loan and apportion interest for your private expenses in your line of credit. These are just a few considerations you need to take when it comes to the end of financial year.

Capitalise On Investment

At BOA & Co., our tax experts understand the complexity of filing for property investment tax returns. They have the expertise to get on top of every single tax concession affecting your property investments. These are some of the deductions that our accountants can help you claim back:

These are some of the deductions that our accountants can help you claim back:

  • repairs and renovations
  • advertising for renting
  • depreciation
  • property agency’s fee
  • council rates
  • depreciation and many more

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