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Investment advice at BOA Private Wealth is tailored, specific and targeted toward achieving your particular financial goals in light of your tolerance towards risk.

With an agile market research as well as a formalised investment committee (both internal and external) so our clients can be assured that their funds are at all times maximised whilst protected.

Our investment offering includes

  • Initial and ongoing risk tolerance assessments
  • Investment portfolio construction
  • Direct share and managed portfolios
  • Asset allocation advice
  • Wholesale and retail investment options
  • Rebalancing of investment portfolios
  • Managed Account (SMA) services
  • Investment administration, report keeping services and consolidated tax reporting

If you are wanting to build your wealth in accordance with your level of comfort, we are here to assist.

We help our clients invest in the following asset classes

Australian Shares

This is usually a key component of your portfolio. As a shareholder you’re entitled to some of the profits (income) with the potential benefit from business growth. They can also offer tax advantages such as franking credits, depending on your situation.

International Shares

Not all the best companies are found in Australia with our market only representing 2% of the world’s share market. Investing in international shares adds diversification to your portfolio as well as access to growing markets.


You may invest in property either directly or via listed/unlisted investment vehicles. There are many options to consider here: residential or commercial and can be held in your name, through your super or SMSF or pooled together inside a unit trust.

Cash & Fixed Income

This asset class pays a very important role in your portfolio. Not only is it a relatively safe and secure investment but it also offers the ability to generate an income stream (interest) and give you access to your money at very short notice.

Infrastructure & Alternative Investments

These assets can provide a way to diversify your portfolio throughout any economic cycle and can be a way to obtain a stable and inflation linked cash flow. They may include investments into certain sectors globally such as energy, transport, utilities, airports and communications infrastructure.

Private Investments

From time to time, for our sophisticated investors, we may have access to investments that are not available to the general public. It is an opportunity to participate in offers such as capital raisings for private companies.

investors who have the patience and discipline are rewarded over the long term

Historical Returns Across Asset Classes

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