Property Investors

Accounting Services for Property Investment

BOA & Co.’s property accountant services are tailored to property investor. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newcommer, our service package can help you maximise your return of investment and protect your assets.

As Australia’s leading real estate accountant provider, we know the challenges faced by many investors. Drawing on years of industry experience, we deliver a range of services to our clients:

Tax Deductions

As the owner of the investment property, you can claim deductions for various expenses related to the leased property and taxes on loan interest. If the property is a tenant or is available for rent, you can claim these fees from the income generated by the property.

Negative Gearing

When the cost of owning leased property exceeds rental income, a negative debt-to-asset ratio exists. The difference representing the loss can usually be used to offset other capital gains.

Capital Gain Tax

When you decide to sell your investment property, any profit you make will be restricted by CGT. The taxable portion of the additional profit will be included in the taxable income of the sales year.

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