JobSaver 2.0: A billion-dollar support package for Omicron-affected Businesses

According to Sky News political editor Andrew Clenell, the New South Wales government has announced a new JobSaver-type scheme for businesses affected by the Omicron outbreak. Mr. Clennell said he sought federal support to help the state government boost the package “My understanding is Prime Minister Scott Morrison personally vetoed any federal involvement,” Clennell said. 

So, if your business is in New South Wales and is affected by Omicron, a billion-dollar support package is available for you. JobSaver 2.0 is designed to help small to medium businesses that were torn down during the Omicron outbreak. 

Your business is eligible to get back up to 20% of your payroll during the month of February if you have lost 40% of your turnover:

  1. During the month of January 2022 compared to January 2021 or January 2020.
  2. From 1 to 14 February 2022 compared to the same fortnight in either 2021 or 2020. (same comparison year utilised in the decline in the turnover test for January)
  3. Have maintained your employee headcount from the “date of the announcement of the scheme which is 30 January 2022 at this point.

Read below for more guided information:

  • SBE has an aggregated turnover annually below $50m (inclusive) for the year ended 30 June 2021.
  • Payment can be subsidized from $500 to a maximum of $5000 each week. (Original state’s proposal was from $1000 up to $10000 per week, however, didn’t get approved by the Federal government of Australia)
  • Non-employing businesses receive $500 per week.
  • As part of those grants, businesses also will be eligible to be reimbursed for RATs (rapid antigen tests) bought for staff during the period of January to February, the amount of rebates for the purchasing of RATs has now been increased from $2000 to $3000, according to NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet. 
  • Grants will be given to landlords who provided rent relief during the month of January.
  • There will also be an extension of the state’s performing arts assistance program until April. However, the Commonwealth Government has not announced any plans to match the state payments.

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