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Our Financial Advice Service

“We’ll assist you in building a stable financial future.”

We are committed for the duration of your financial strategy.

In order to assist you better your current financial situation and ultimately realize your long-term lifestyle goals, we specialize in offering qualified strategic guidance. Our attitude for providing financial advice is founded on mutual respect between our clients and ourselves. 

We will take the time to understand you, your circumstances, your requirements, and your objectives. It is a service model that is built on you as an individual, and it is something that very few institutions can deliver on. 

Then, working together, we will create a financial plan that will assist you in achieving your goals. First, we will assist you in defining your financial goals and your vision for a safe financial future. Importantly, your financial strategy won’t come in a pre-made form.

A strong financial plan requires complex work.

Numerous factors, such as your present financial situation and future ambitions, must be considered. Your financial plan must also specify which investments will enable you to achieve your desired level of risk-adjusted return.

Implementing financial solutions will improve your tax and Centerlink benefit positions. You should also take into account alternative financial tactics that will help you achieve your objectives more quickly or consistently, as well as risk mitigation techniques.

We put your financial security at the center of all we do.

To get you started on the path to financial security, we provide you with ongoing financial mentorship and support in all areas of your personal affairs.

Additionally, we will work with you to adjust your plan as necessary to keep you on track if your financial objectives change along the way or if the regulatory or investment context in which we operate changes.

We’ll provide you with a thorough road map for reaching your specific objectives.

Our knowledgeable financial experts can provide you a thorough and completely specialized guide for achieving financial success in any or all of the following areas:

  • investment choice
  • Asset distribution
  • both managed and direct investments
  • Retirement preparation
  • retirement planning
  • Super self-managed
  • accumulating wealth
  • Centerlink assistance
  • tax preparation
  • sources of income for retirees
  • investing unexpected financial gains
  • after the sale of your firm, retire
  • Redundancy preparation
  • preparing for one’s own estate
  • corporate estate planning
  • commercial insurance
  • Corporate retirement plans
  • Loans for investments
  • investment oversight
  • portfolio management

We will always be available to help you, regardless of your circumstance, whether you are working, about to retire, or have already retired.

“We’re here to support folks in thriving.”

Expert guidance and extensive ongoing support

We use our structured 8-step financial consulting process to assist you in building a safe financial future:

  1. We begin by evaluating your present financial situation, which includes your financial life stage, assets, liabilities, ability to save, personal risk insurance needs, required retirement income, eligibility for Centerlink benefits, and other factors. Then, we assist you in defining your immediate, midterm, and longterm lifestyle objectives. What kind of lifestyle do you wish to have, both now and in the future?
  1. Next, we translate the needs you have for your lifestyle into precise financial goals and targets. How much money will you need to maintain your desired standard of living both now and in the future?
  1. In the following step, we create your financial, wealth, retirement, tax, Centrelink, and risk management strategies, and we decide the necessary
  1. The combination of assets (such as shares, real estate, bonds, and cash) that will consistently enable you to realize your desired investment return is then determined.
  2. The crucial next step is figuring out your level of investment risk tolerance (i.e. the fluctuating nature of investment returns). The level of risk inherent in the asset allocation strategy we have created for you is then compared to your risk tolerance. Match the two?
  1. If they don’t line up, there is a gap that will probably prevent you from achieving your objectives. Therefore, before moving forward, we collaborate with you to find a compromise that is agreeable to you on all counts. This is referred to as our “Gap Analysis Procedure.”
  2. After completing our “Gap Analysis Procedure,” we finalize your financial information.Make sure your plan is focused on achieving your desired financial and lifestyle objectives. After receiving your permission, we put each financial recommendation into action and make arrangements for you to buy the suggested assets and personal risk insurances.
  1. We frequently examine your plan and investments with you after they are set up to make sure they are operating as planned. If they don’t, your circumstance changes, or there are changes to external factors, we will suggest alterations to your strategy and investments as necessary.

“Without having to worry about money, you can carry on living your life.”

We give your financial security our daily attention.

After putting your strategy and assets in place, you may decide whether to benefit from our extensive, top-of-the-line Private Client Ongoing Service.

With the help of reports, reviews, and meetings with your adviser, this service is meant to make sure that every component of your financial plan and investment portfolio is periodically examined and that you are routinely kept informed of their progress. You may rest confident that maintaining your plan and investments is our primary concern. on course… and securing your general financial security.Consequently, you won’t have to worry about money while living your life.These elements make up our private client ongoing service:

Investment Monitoring

Our extensive investment staff evaluates your holdings on a regular basis to make sure they are functioning as anticipated and to look for any warning signals of serious future issues.We also evaluate other assets that might serve as viable replacements along the road.

Regulatory Watch

We examine potential effects on your financial plan of changes to government legislation pertaining to superannuation, taxation, and investments.

When appropriate, we also create financial plans that you could utilize to implement those adjustments.

Watch Centerlink

We evaluate Centrelink regulation changes and estimate how they may affect your financial strategy. When necessary, we also create plans to assist you in profiting from changes in the law.

Availability of your financial advisor

You are invited to call your financial adviser for assistance and guidance if you have a question or if your particular circumstances change.

Evaluations of a strategic portfolio

Through these frequent meetings, your financial advisor is able to discuss with you your financial and lifestyle goals in order to assess if your current financial plan, asset allocation, investments, and portfolio of personal risk insurance will still help you reach your objectives.

Your financial adviser will go over any changes that need to be made to your plan, investments, and portfolio of personal risk insurance with you if your personal circumstances have changed, if there have been pertinent changes to the legal or economic environment, or if an investment is no longer performing as expected.

Rebalancing of asset allocation

We routinely assess your asset allocation and suggest any required reweighting to bring your portfolio’s risk/return characteristics back in line with the benchmarks you previously agreed upon.

Financial reports

Regular reports are sent to you to keep you

informed of your asset allocation, portfolio activity, and performance of your investments.

Low-cost initial investments

Should you need to move investments or make new investments while a member of our Private Client Ongoing Service, we will execute them with little to no additional upfront costs.

Members relied on the assistance and advantages of mutual organizations even before there was any official welfare system.

We’ll assist you in realizing your goal of a stable financial future. every stage of the process

At Chan & Naylor, we always put the interests of our clients first. That is the commitment we make to you, one that is supported by all of the resources of our company, one of the top financial services groups in Australia.

As a result, you can be certain that you will receive the best financial advice at any stage of your life.

Retiring soon or having already retired

To guarantee you create a retirement income, we will assist you in setting up your finances.

which is trustworthy and tax-efficient… and which ought to continue for the rest of your life or longer. Additionally, we’ll assist you in meeting your tax requirements related to a lump payment or pension from superannuation.

In addition, if it makes sense for you, we can assist you in setting up your finances to maximize your Centerlink benefits.

Accumulating wealth

We will work with you to create investment plans that will help you accumulate wealth responsibly and tax-effectively so you can achieve financial independence… and give

a retirement with greater financial security. Additionally, with the help of your mortgage and personal insurances, we can help you make financial savings and secure your financial situation.


We will assist you in making investments using your payout to cover both your immediate demands and future retirement needs. Additionally, we will create investment plans to assist you become eligible for Centrelink payments (if that is the best option for you) and to reduce tax on your payout and your income.

Payment in full and ongoing investing

We can help you reach your financial objectives whether you have a lump sum to invest, regular savings, or superannuation contributions to make. We can advise you on asset allocation, investing strategies, and security selection to help you earn competitive returns with minimal risk.

Your upcoming move

We would be happy to take your call if you want to discuss creating a financial plan just for you.

One of our financial advisors will be happy to address your concerns and, if necessary, schedule a personal session for you. This is the first step in assisting you in building a stable financial future.

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