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First Home Buyers Scheme – Buy your first home with 5% deposit

The federal government has announced that it will expand access to its Home Guarantee Scheme, which lowers the barrier to entry for first-time buyers and single-parent families into the housing market and does away with the need for mortgage insurance. With a deposit as little as 5% for first-time homebuyers or 2% for single-parent households, the program aims to help prospective purchasers own a home sooner.

According to the regulations, the federal government guarantees the final 15% required to complete a normal down payment for a home. It is one of several initiatives the administration undertook this year to combat housing affordability.

Up to 4,651 unused guarantee credits from the fiscal year 2020–21 would be granted again. Reissuing unused credits will be used to provide access to the program for the more than 4,600 prospective homebuyers affected by the pandemic disruption. The program was already extended by a year in the Federal Budget in May, one of several housing policies announced to improve access to the housing market. Up to this point, 60,000 new owners had been covered by federal aid programs.

The government also raised from $30,000 to $50,000 the maximum amount Australians could take from their superannuation via the First Home Super Saver (FHSS).

According to the guidelines of the underwriting system, the federal government guarantees the final 15% of the 20% required to complete a normal property purchase deposit. With 696 sales, Queensland has the most homes purchased under the program so far among the states in 2020 and 2021. NSW had 442 during that time, surpassing Victoria’s 332 and Western Australia’s 220.

In comparison to double-digit numbers in the ACT, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory, South Australia had 110 residences taken up. Together, the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme and the Family Home Guarantee provide coverage for more than 39,000 houses. In a speech on Thursday, Morrison cited the number of Australians who have benefited from federal housing aid.

According to the Home Guarantee Scheme’s annual Trends & Insiders Report for 2020–2021, which was just released, one in five first-loan deposit spots went to vital professionals, including 34.8% of nurses. People under the age of 30 received 58 percent of the funds.

A statutory review of how the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation Act operated in October found that the home loan guarantee program had actually accelerated the level of demand rather than increased it by allowing those who couldn’t otherwise afford to buy property to get a foot on the housing ladder.

All governments’ first-time homebuyer programs emphasize purchasing power because it is politically expedient, but economists almost universally agree that doing so fuels the price increases of the homes these people are trying to purchase.

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