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How to pick a trustworthy accountant

The decision of an accountant is comparable to that of a new business partner. If you choose the appropriate accountant, they’ll become a dependable coworker and advisor who can offer counsel and direction as your business or personal finances develop. The next step is to decide which accountant to hire if you’ve determined that it’s time to do so. What should you be on the lookout for in particular?

Spend time researching and determining your needs.

You should take your time and do this correctly, so here are a few things to think about first. Consider factors like the accountant’s workload, where they are located, whether they are licensed tax agents or certified tax practitioners, what kind of expertise they have, how much you will have to pay for their services, and whether they can help you lower your taxes and preserve your assets. You’ll continually save time and money if you hire the proper person.

Choose an accountant with the necessary experience.

You’ll require a person with knowledge in creating tax returns and financial records for businesses with comparable size and revenue to your own. You’ll probably want someone who is knowledgeable with cloud computing if your firm relies heavily on cloud-based technologies. Only a few accountants specialize in providing property tax accounting and asset protection services. It is crucial that you select an accountant who can give you advice on the best structures to use when buying and holding your property if you are a real estate investor or own properties as part of your business portfolio.

Determine the division of the accounting work.

All facets of small business accounting and bookkeeping are handled by accountants. Most of the time, you can bundle up your bills and invoices, give them to them, and they’ll take care of the rest. However, this strategy might not always be the ideal one. Making accountants perform simple data entry jobs is not the best use of their time, which you are paying for because accountants sometimes bill by the hour. You’ll have a better understanding of your spending and income in real time and a heads-up on any issues if you can take the initiative and become more active in the accounting process.

For instance, you can decide to enter the fundamental accounting information internally before giving the job to your accountant. The more complex duties, such bank account reconciliation, tax return form completion, payroll processing, and capital depreciation calculations, can then be handled by them.

Use cloud-based applications

You will find it simple to participate in your accounting process if you use good accounting software. It will make chores like invoicing simpler by issuing the invoice automatically and simultaneously documenting its contents. You can click a button to grant your accountant security access to your accounts if the accounting software is cloud-based.

Identify the candidates you want to interview.

Don’t automatically accept the first offer you receive, just like anything else in life. Set up the situation such that you can contrast a number of accountants with one another. Many people switch accountants simply because they realize that their previous accountant wasn’t giving them the best advise possible given their situation. You could even find that doing this makes it easier to clarify your own company requirements.

Think about your gut feeling when you first meet an accountant. In addition to logical considerations like location, cost, experience, and references, consider whether you could trust this person with the sensitive information about your company. If you believe you could collaborate with them for the foreseeable future, that would be a fantastic beginning to a working relationship.

Recognize how their pricing structure operates

There isn’t a single, accepted way for accountants to bill clients. Some will bill you by the hour or according to the service you require. Find out if your accountant offers a monthly retainer if you run a small business, as this is frequently the case. Negotiation should already be a part of your skill set as a small business owner.

Make sure to request written quotes from each accountant you speak with, then thoroughly compare them afterward. A charge system could make sense when your business is small, but as it gets bigger, it might start to lose its allure. Always haggle over prices.

At the end of the day, you want someone with whom you can have a long-term relationship, therefore they should be proactive in their tax preparation and affordable. You’re seeking for someone to support you through all of your financial decisions and point you in the proper way. The greatest accountants are more proactive whereas some accountants will only manage your accounts and fill out your tax return paperwork. Always keep in mind that tax minimization—which is typically legal—is very different from tax avoidance and evasion (usually illegal). You need an accountant who is knowledgeable enough about tax law to help you save money in legal ways, but not one who goes too far and runs the danger of making your company operate unlawfully.

Utilize your social networks and seek advice.

The ideal accountant you’re looking for may be simpler to discover than you think. First, enquire whether any friends or family members may recommend an accountant. Why, if so? In that case, why not? When you eventually chat to potential prospects, the responses to both questions may be helpful. Choosing an accountant can be a very personal choice, so what works for your friends’ or coworkers’ businesses might not be good for you. To find out what a client has posted, search the Google Reviews of potential accountants.

Consider your company’s structure if you run a firm. A corporation with ten employees might not need the best accountant for a sole proprietorship. Utilize your personal social networks. If you already have a profile there, you may utilize LinkedIn, one of the most popular social media platforms, to look for accountants who have received recommendations from others.

Consider the following when looking at the accountant’s LinkedIn profile:

  • Who do they have ties to? Do they have a robust professional network?
  • How do they describe their offerings? Do they take pride in and care about their work?
  • Have their customers given them any recommendations? What are the actual recommendations?
  • What is their background? How long have they been in operation? What did they do before to that?
  • What are their credentials? Are they a financial advisor, a bookkeeper, a licensed or certified accountant, or something else entirely?

Finally, you should pick an accountant who will guide you through frequently complex tax-related concerns, support the expansion of your company by handling complicated financial tasks, and provide guidance on real-world business issues. You will undoubtedly save money both now and in the future if you do this.

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